At Maguire Lane Living, your loved one is OUR loved one. 

We celebrate birthdays and holidays, go on outings to outdoor concerts, out to eat, to the salon, grandchildren come and visit, and we have a dog, Cricket, & cat, Lou Lou, on the property who will provide extra unconditional love.

We offer more personal living space, privacy, peace and quiet, courtesy, and security.  We laugh every day. We don’t have schedules. This way of life is attractive to someone who wants to maintain the feeling of a family style home setting.  No matter where they are inside the house, there is always a view to outside. We celebrate the change in seasons, holidays, birthdays. We go outside to enjoy the sunrises, sunsets, and still have some measure of personal autonomy.

All of our rooms are furnished.  If your senior has cherished possessions or a piece of furniture they like, you are welcome to bring it for them if it fits in the room and will ease their adjustment to an assisted living setting.  We offer 3 rooms and all have windows and room for a sitting chair/recliner.  The sizes are 14’ x 16’, 11’ x 15’ and 10’ x 15’.

We have rates for hour, day, and week. This is helpful if you have a scheduled surgery, a doctor’s appt, a shopping trip, vacation, or emergency situation and need a place for your loved one to be cared for.

Visiting hours are 9:00 am - 10:00 pm.

We are available for End of Life Care.  We work closely with HOSPICE as we have found we have the same philosophy…celebrate life to the end with respect and dignity.

We expect families to pay for incontinence supplies. The easiest way we have found is to set-up an amazon account. We can help you with this and will keep a record of all inventory.

We can only accept residents who can afford to pay with private funds.  All monthly clients must pay by the 5th of each month.   All weekly & day clients must pay when they arrive for their stay. 
For rates please call 1-870-828-9980 or email.
Call us or use our Contact Form to set up a tour and I will set aside some time to talk and go over the intake form that we will need on file for you or your loved one.

View our Photo Gallery to see photos of the rooms, outdoor photos and more!